Decks - Manufacturing Process

All Arniko skateboards are made in the capital of Nepal, in Kathmandu.
Cleaning of the veneers
Our own workshop allows us to work together with local carpenters and to provide trainings for them to enhance the skills needed for the mostly unknown skateboard production in Nepal.
Beside our qualified team of artisans we ensure the high quality of our decks by utilizing a selection of the best materials.
Veneers are stacked together
Arniko uses only Canadian Maple for the base of the boards and in addition various local Nepali woods or smoked oak, eucalyptus or Indian apple tree, for the engraved mantle veneer.
Pressing for the shape
After the decks are laminated and pressed, local wood carvers finalize the product in their workshops.
Wood carving in Pathen
These workshops are located in the district of Lalitpur, Patan, an UNESCO World Heritage Site which is well known for its old craftman skills in wood work.
Highest handcraft
Wood carving is an ancient handicraft in this region and is used for the decoration of doors or window frames as well as for furniture since hundred of years.
With unique designs
These craftsmen are probably the best wood carvers of Asia, and engrave our boards with their unique designs with high precision.
Rounding the rails with sanders
The passioned handcraft and the fascination for every details let arise these unique skateboards - made by Arniko in Nepal.
And it is done!
Here you can see how you can enjoy our Arniko Skateboard.